"We are more than we've been told," sings Poundo, a beacon of light in a room full of stars. This self-proclaimed storyteller, a Franco-Senegalese singer and songwriter, defies conventions, forging her path to the forefront of the stage with her solo project.

Armed with an endearing magnetism and a mysticism that captivates instantly, Poundo weaves a musical tapestry drawing from her multilingual upbringing in Paris and her experiences in the United States. In the complexity of the Black experience, she found inspiration, reconnecting musically with her Guineo-Senegalese heritage and infusing her music with her grandmother tongue, Mandjak.

Poundo, often called a “Swiss Army knife” by friends, encompasses diverse talents – singing, dancing, composing – crafting cinematic and vibrant music. Her work combines resolute political engagement with celebratory rhythms, a fusion reminiscent of M.I.A and Rosalía, deeply rooted in her African heritage.

Born and raised in Boulogne-Billancourt in the suburbs of Paris, Poundo's artistic journey transcends continents and cultures. She has lived a thousand lives, crossing paths with inspiring personalities such as Marie-Claude Pietragalla, the Cirque du Soleil, Bill T. Jones, Alicia Keys, The Roots, Spike Lee, Aya Nakamura, Orelsan, Dadju, Soprano, and Gims. Her evolution began with dance, choreography, and musical theater, providing movement to inhabit the body. It continued in the world of fashion, where she used style to paint her body with vibrant colors. Finally, her musical journey became the harmonious culmination, blending past, present, and hints of the future.

Poundo's compositions, whether in English from her years in New York or in Mandjak, echo her roots. Her music blends seamlessly with ancient Mandingue sounds, breaking boundaries in language and style. Her lyrics serve as a manifesto, invoking ancestors, urging youth to embrace heritage, emphasizing the importance of education in illuminating a new path.

Amidst accolades and praise from artists she worked with and features in FRANCE INTER, NOVA, MADAME FIGARO, TV5MONDE, FRANCE24, RFI, TRACE, FIP, CULTURE BOX, AFRIQUE MAGAZINE, TÉLÉSUD, Poundo's latest project, ‘HOME’, explores identity, heritage, and empowerment. Accompanied by visually stunning music videos, it delves into themes of cultural fusion and self-acceptance. Currently touring, Poundo  continues to mesmerize with electrifying performances, her music a vibrant soundtrack to the revelation: in her universe, we are more than we've been told.